iOS & Android APPs Development

You probably already know it, the APPs generators are only a waste of time and money and the APP’s development companies are very expensive.

ConexionBIZ is different, our projects management system allows us to make your APP run on iOS and Android with the best quality and within your budget.



The App's design is fundamental for a successful project. Apps need to comply with all requirements of Google and Apple to be published successfully.


Our rapid development system allows us to have the app ready in a very short time. Also, the cost of covering both platforms (iOS and Android) is very similar to that of only one.


Our Apps are first tested on virtual emulators and then on real devices, to detect any failure or problem before even trying to publish it.


Android and (even more) Apple have a very demanding process to allow the publication of an App. But do not worry, we take care of the whole process.

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