Creating a Social Media strategy in 2020

The times are gone with  when it was enough to upload a beautiful photo or share interesting content from other sources to attract an audience to your social networks.

With the number of people who have Facebook profiles and business pages today, it is impossible for your content to reach all your friends and followers in an organic way. It is necessary to generate new, interesting content and in the appropriate formats for each network. You have to create a complete strategy and behind each post there must be an objective, a goal and a clear direction.

The first step, and in my experience the most difficult one, for companies is to define the budget and the objectives to be achieved through social networks (it can be one or several objectives such as: having brand recognition, reaching a wider audience, completing sales on their website, attracting new customers through lead form, etc.)

Once the objectives are defined, the process of creating the strategy to achieve them begins: decide what type of content will showcase the product or service in the best way, generate the content and decide dates and times of posts, upload everything to the collaborative platform where the creative and the client can comment back and forth and  agree on the strategy.

The next step is to prepare and launch the advertising campaigns, always according to the established objectives and the agreed budget. (Currently, without campaigns it is not possible to have a significant reach in social networks).

The last step is to measure and adjust. Social networks are a constant cycle of measuring and adjusting to ensure that we optimize the budget and reach the target audience.  And there you have it!  Happy planning for 2020!

Photography and Instagram account design by: Pilar Gea

Collaborative tool for social network planning: http://planable.io/ .  (My favorite)

Fotografía y diseño de cuenta Instagram de: Pilar Gea 

Herramienta colaborativa para planeación de redes sociales:  http://planable.io/

Monique Rojkind
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Monique Rojkind es especialista en estrategias para Redes Sociales. Con más de 10 años de experiencia es Directora de Redes Sociales en A + UNO Estrategia Digital.

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