Social Media Strategy and Management

Generating content for social media is only one aspect of having a digital presence. It is not enough to upload beautiful photos and share interesting articles. Your Social Media presence should be planned based on a comprehensive strategy, with clear objectives.

In A MAS UNO Digital Strategy we will create a personalized strategy for your business, recommending the ideal social channels to reach your target audience. We also offer a complete service so you can focus on your business while we take care of your social media presence.

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Photography (local companies only)
  • Publishing
  • Strategy and Management of ad campaigns
  • Campaign Measurement and Adjustment
  • Monthly report

How we work

In A MAS UNO Digital Strategy we use a proven work method that we adapt and implement according to your needs, as well as providing an excellent result, it will allow you to always have control of your message.

Strategy → Planning → Publishing → Measuring


We define the strategy based on your business objectives & target market.


Based on the strategy, we create a content calendar on a platform where you can review and comment, before the posts are published. This way you always have control of your brand.


We automate posts for the best times of the day and make sure they are published, we launch campaigns and check that they are running according to schedule.

Measuring and Adjusting

This is probably the most important part of all the work we do, with the monthly reports we know what works best and what doesn’t, so we can adjust and optimize campaigns.

Facebook & Instagram Campaigns

One of the biggest advantages of advertising on social networks is the ability to segment audiences and measure results. This means that we can direct your campaigns to a defined audience, see exactly where your money is going and measure results.

In A MAS UNO Digital Strategy we specialize in advertising campaigns. Each one designed according to the business objectives of your company.

Companies that trust A +UNO with their Social Media:

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